Buschbeck masonry barbecues have become a firm favourite for campsite, holiday park and glamping park owners around the UK, offering completely weather proof, sturdy barbecues which cannot be moved or stolen and require ZERO maintenance!

No more burnt grass, costly replacements and a safe way to allow your guests to grill without it breaking the bank!

Buschbeck barbecues have been successfully installed in many camping  sites & holiday parks around the UK, and with over 80% of campers preferring barbecue friendly camp grounds our masonry barbecues offer the perfect cost effective solution.

Stock up your camp shop with barbecue accessories such as charcoal, firelighters, foil and tongs and enjoy the up-sell that a Buschbeck masonry barbecue can bring to your camp ground.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our current bulk discount options – exclusively for campsite, holiday park and glamping site owners.up 

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