Why Choose A Buschbeck Masonry Barbecue

* The double walled construction of the fireplace allows you to choose either Charcoal or Wood as your fuel so you not only have a barbecue to cook on but also a patio heater to stay warm with as well!

* The unique material that our barbecue fireplaces are manufactured from means that there is no need to paint or render them ever!

* The special construction of the fireplace ensures a high level of safety as air is constantly circulating between the outer skin & the five part furnace area

* Maintenance free but if needed, simply jet-wash or hose down at the end of the season

* Buschbeck is the only European manufacturer of Masonry Barbecue Fireplaces to have been awarded the TUV/GS product safety Standard

* Steel reinforced concrete & quartz on all components except the chimney

* Very easy for two people to assemble

* Easy to follow written instructions included with each Buschbeck masonry barbecue with a video available to view online prior to you taking your delivery with tips on how to assemble and get the best our of your barbecue fireplace !